Give Flake a Break

Australia is a global biodiversity hotspot for sharks, home to one quarter of the world’s species. Australia must be a leader in the world’s shark conservation efforts.

Make a difference today by pledging to #GiveFlakeABreak. Commit to avoid buying flake and choose sustainable seafood instead (if you wish to buy fish).

Endangered sharks caught and sold in recent years: 

  • 4,729 scalloped hammerheads in 20191
  • 6,461 school shark in 20182
  • 2,667 whitefin swellshark in 20183


Your choice makes a big impact.


By taking the pledge and voting with your wallet, you will show decision makers that you do not support the sale and consumption of endangered sharks.


Your action will show support for fixing fishing practices in Australia, protecting and supporting the recovery of endangered species.




1 Harvest is Queensland waters only. Obtained by data request in September 2020 from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF). Harvest total converted to individual sharks are derived from a conversion factor of 4kg per shark as accepted by QDAF.

2 School shark assessment from Status of Australian Fish Stocks | FRDC | Total harvest from 2018 converted to individuals using the maximum weight of individual adult school shark (32kg).

3 Reported landed annual catch from Commonwealth fisheries catch disposal records | Datasets | Total harvest from 2018 converted to individuals using a conservative estimate of 3kg per shark.


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