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Saving our uniquely Aussie sharks & rays

True-blue Aussie sharks and rays, found nowhere else in the world, are silently battling extinction and we’re at risk of losing them before we get to know them.

Without any action, species like the Critically Endangered whitefin swellshark are still legally harvested and sold for consumption. An average of 1,390 to 2,790 individuals are harvested each year.

These uniquely Aussie sharks and rays desperately need your help. Sign the petition below and urge the Australian Environment Minister The Hin Tanya Plibersek to overhaul our most destructive fisheries by including strong, time-bound rules that;

  • Protect threatened endemic species as ‘no take’ species under law.

  • Improve Bycatch Reduction Devices (‘escape hatches’) to minimise their catch in the first place.

  • Quantify and report to species level what sharks and rays are caught and discarded.

  • Regular observer programs, including 100% electronic monitoring (i.e. cameras) on all vessels.

  • Training fishers to safely handle sharks and rays to maximise the animal’s survival when released.

The letter below will be sent to Hon Sussan Ley MP, Minister for the Environment

The Hon.
Minister for Environment
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