Australia: Stop the Shark Cull

From Bondi to the Great Barrier Reef, the east coast of Australia has some of the most iconic marine environments in the world. But just below the surface of the ocean, hundreds of marine animals are killed every year by two of our state governments in the name of 'shark control'. Culling has been proven to be an ineffective way to mitigate the risk of shark bite, and whales turtles, dolphins, rays, and more are killed because of it. 

Will you sign our petition to help stop the cull?
We will submit the petition to the governments of Queensland and New South Wales.

“As a traveller and a world citizen, I hope to one day experience the beauty of Australia’s oceans. I am shocked and saddened that the New South Wales and Queensland state governments use equipment that kills sharks and other marine animals under the guise of public safety. Shark culling does not reduce the risk of shark bite, whereas there are currently available and suitable technologies that can, without the toll on marine life.

I do not want any animals killed in my name as a tourist or ocean lover for this false sense of security." 




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